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Whether you had a professional whitening treatment at your local dentist office or simply used an over the counter at home whitening kit, the after-care is essential to keeping your smile bright.

Here are the three tips for maintaining and upkeeping your white smile after your teeth whitening treatment.

Avoid stains

Consuming dark foods or liquids like red wine, dark colas, coffee, soy sauce after your whitening treatment can reverse the effects. You should wait at least 72 hours after whitening to eat and drink these items. try to modify your diet and avoid these type of stain-causing foods and drinks for a few days. This will help you maintain your results for much longer.

Avoid hot and cold foods and drinks

Because the pores of your teeth are still open after your whitening treatment, your teeth may be temporarily more sensitive to extreme hot and cold temperatures, but it usually goes away in about two or three days. Try avoiding extra hod and cold foods and drinks to prevent tooth sensetivity

Don’t brush right away

You should wait at least 30 minutes before brushing your teeth after a whitening treatment to allow your teeth to remineralize. You may also brush off any bleaching gels and agents on your teeth. Read the instructions and directions on the product boxes on exact wear time for each whitening system you are using. Wait an hour before brushing your teeth and rinsing off any bleaching agents from your teeth.

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