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As a top orthodontist and national invisalign spokesperson for 20 years, the biggest complaint I hear again and again is
‘Whitening doesn’t work for me and my teeth are too sensitive.’
I developed Dr. Smiles to solve all of these problems! Dr. Smiles professional and corporate partnership opportunities allow for patients to get a whiter brighter smile closer to home. Have a product of your own for dentistry? Let us know and become part of our VIP dental delivery box!

-Dr. Jacqueline Fulop Goodling

Dr. Smiles wants to make your patients smile and we believe in making every day fun! No purchase necessary, so  heres how it works, you sponsor a contest we market it people enter 1 or all 4 of our yearly opportunities to win fun and exciting prizes like Fabulous Fashion Week give always, Broadway show and concert tickets, Hamptons Summer Fun and more!
Next Contest coming soon!

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