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VIP 2021 Membership

VIP 2021 Member – 14.99 per month:

When you Join Dr. Smiles VIP you get the exclusive advantages! Here’s how it works:
You will receive Your VIP floss card with mirrored shade guide. Keep this in your wallet for your exclusive access to:

  • 15% Off your at home personal care & whitening products!
  • Quarterly VIP Discounted Dental Delivered Box
  • A complimentary scan at a dental partner near you
  • Refer a friend program
  • Webinar series with Dr. J (See Details)
  • Auto entry into our Dr. Smiles 2019 Contests
  • Priority provider appointments

What’s in The First Box?

  • VIP Floss card with mirror “watch it whiten” shade guide
    • Your VIP card grants your exclusive advantages. The shading guide allows you to track your smile whitening progress!
  • Dr. Smiles Pop & Prime Whitening Pen
    • This convenient, fabulous, easy to use pen is the warm up act for Dr. Smiles White coming soon! Dr. Smiles Pop & Prime Whitening Pen will help remove surface stains and prepare your teeth for better results during in-office whitening. Get started now and be on the road to your new Confident, Courageous, Contagious, Bright White Smile!
  • Dr. Smiles Travel Light Back Pack
    • Drawstring sportsbag. An easy way to “grab and go” to the gym or out for the day
  • Steraligner Whitening Tray Cleaner
    • Whitening Tray Cleaner Solution. Helps remove plaque and tartar for healthier teeth and gums. Removes 99.9% of bacteria. Professional Formula 16 fl oz.
  • 10 Pack Dr. Smiles Prepasted Toothbrushes
    • Always ready to go, just add water and brush! Individually wrapped for travel ease and sold in packs of ten. Keep a few in the office, in your car or keep one in a bag.
  • Dr. Smiles Organic Fun Flavor Lip Balm 3 Pack
    • Dr. Smiles organic Lip Balm is packed with antioxidant-rich vitamin E, soothing sunflower butter to help keep your smile looking beautiful and fresh! Always petrolatum free for soft, smooth, beautiful lips! Each package comes with 3 lip balms in multiple flavors.
  • Iphone Waterproof Phone Case
    • Protect your phone on the beach, by the pool or on any nautical adventure.
  • Smilepik – *Dr. Smiles Platinum Seal Of Approval
    • This Dr. Smiles Platinum Seal of approval product is a must have for women! Never get caught picking your teeth again. This discreet tooth pick invented by Dr. Margo brilliant, saves you a trip to the ladies room and allows you to look as though you are applying lipstick at the table. The days of a “friend smile check” leaving you picking away at a poppy seed or spinach on your teeth are over.