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This blog is brought to you by Maria B! I am a business student at UCONN writing on behalf of Dr. Smiles’ founder Jacquie Fulop-Goodling. Dr. Jacquie is a top orthodontist and national Invisalign spokesperson who is passionate about helping people be the best that they can be. This blog serves as a more interactive way to engage with our valued followers. Let us be your secret weapon to acquiring the everyday confidence that aligns with a white, bright smile. We will assist you in gaining the courage to nail the interview, go on a casting call with confidence and even walk up to your crush and strike up a conversation. As most of us know, our smile can be a vital part of how we carry ourselves both socially and professionally. With Dr. Smiles whitening system there is no pain and all gain!

Dr. Jacqueline Fulop Goodling, a.k.a., Dr.Jacquie Smiles, a leader in orthodontics and the National Invisalign Spokesperson joined Groupon CEO Rich Williams at Times Square on December 4th to ring the opening bell. “I was extremely honored to be a part of this monumental moment and to be part of the resilient New York family of […]

Dr. Smiles and the team can’t wait to deliver you a New York Fashion Week VIP Experience! Our winner will not only get an all access to pass to any or all of Kia’s Style 360 NYFW shows, but they will receive dinner at Kellari and an complimentary Dr. Smiles in-office teeth whitening. You’ll need […]

Smiling Over: Summer in the Sand III A summer in the Hamptons is one that is full of possibilities and endless fun. Our “Summer in the Sands” series highlights the many things that make this place so special. We have talked about the overall history of the Hamptons and how it came to be, as […]

Dr. Smiles Hamptons Contest!

Smiling Over: Summer in the Sand II This “Summer in the Sands” collection features a summer spent in the Hamptons sun. If you are unfamiliar with the Hamptons, check out our previous post about the history and background of this exclusive vacation spot. Now that you know more about this famous summer getaway location, let’s […]

smile summer hamptons NY

A summer spent in the sands of the Hampton Bays in New York is a summer well spent. The Hamptons are located on the South Fork of Long Island and attracts people from all over that wish to escape from their hectic schedules. It remains as the summer getaway for those that live in New […]

Smile in the Face of Adversity

Smile in the Face of Adversity: How the 2017 Awards Season Made Us Smile Awards season has made the otherwise dull month of February into a vibrant and entertaining time of the year. On February 12th, the Grammys celebrated the success of the music industry with memorable performances and award winners. The show was exciting […]


Be Our Broadway Valentine Dr. Smiles has just wrapped up its giveaway which included two tickets to the Broadway show Hamilton, a free teeth whitening appointment and a $250 gift card to the Sea Fire Grill! It was important for Dr. Smiles to help make someone’s Valentines Day wishes come true for themselves and their […]

American football sportsman player in stadium

Smiling Over: Sports Welcome to the new series titled “Smiling Over”. This series will focus on current events that promote confidence and give people reason to smile. The first topic that comes to my mind is sports. Playing sports can be a real source of confidence for everyone involved. Although winning can seem like theonly aspect of sports, the […]

How to: Keep that Smile White! Once you have gone through the process of using Dr. Smiles to brighten your grin, it is important to maintain your teeth and keep that sparkling smile lasting for months. The first thing most of us think about when we wake up is coffee! I know that I personally cannot function […]