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Be Our Broadway Valentine


Dr. Smiles has just wrapped up its giveaway which included two tickets to the Broadway show Hamilton, a free teeth whitening appointment and a $250 gift card to the Sea Fire Grill!

It was important for Dr. Smiles to help make someone’s Valentines Day wishes come true for themselves and their significant other. Dr. Smiles brought a smile to the face of Greg B, the lucky winner of our giveaway! Greg B, an actor from Brooklyn, N.Y., was able to bring his girlfriend to one of the most exclusive Broadway shows in New York and a dinner for two.

“I was lucky enough to share in this experience by visiting Dr. Jacquie’s dental office in Manhattan, New York on Valentines Day,” Greg said. “As soon as I walked in, I was greeted by the most friendly staff who made me feel comfortable immediately. Dr. Smiles has one of the best teams with dental professionals who truly care about their patients.”


The Manhattan office is quite amazing with its red lighting and modern design. Dr. Jacquie wants patients to feel at home in her office. There is a flat screen near every chair, and with a staff that makes you feel like family- that’s what sets us apart from the rest. Dr. Jacquie is an incredible warm person, who cares deeply about her patients beyond their cosmetic appearance. She stresses that confidence does not only come from how your teeth look, but that it comes from the inside as well. She is showcasing inner beauty for the launch of Dr. Smiles, coming out this spring.

Dr. Jacquie took a look at Greg’s pearly whites and assured him that this form of teeth whitening would be a completely new experience; one that he has never had before with other teeth whitening systems. One of Greg’s concerns about teeth whitening was the sensitivity that he had experienced before with other treatments. Dr. Jacquie assured him that there would be no pain with her whitening process, which is something about Dr. Smiles that attracts many patients.

Greg shared with us that he is starting a career in acting. He even gave us a few acting pointers at the time of his visit! An interesting fact about Greg is that he met Kenan Thompson, a popular comedian who is featured on Saturday Night Live. Kenan was filming a project that Greg was a part of.

Having a bright white smile is something extremely important for Greg, especially while being a part of the acting industry. He showed us that he exudes confidence! The Dr. Smiles team thinks Greg is a shining star and wishes him the best of luck in all of his endeavors!

Tune into our Youtube channel and remember to be on the lookout for Dr. Smiles contests and other giveaway opportunities. You could be next!

Smile Bright!

-Maria B