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Weave is a VoIP-integrated patient communication system designed to help dental practices grow. SoftwarePundit interviewed Dr. Jacquie Smiles, Weave customers to get her feedback on whether the tool boosts patient engagement for her dental practice in NYC.

Weave is a popular patient communications system used today by over 13,000 customers. Weave’s primary differentiator is its integration with VOIP phones.

As part of our in-depth research, SoftwarePundit recently spoke with a handful of dentists about their experience using Weave. Our goal was to understand how Weave helps improve patient engagement at their practices.

Weave tracks all missed calls, as Dr. Jacquie Smiles noticed, and reports if the call was from a potential new patient. “If we miss a new patient phone call, Weave allows us easy access to call records, and return those calls,” she says.

Additionally, Weave offers a missed call auto-text feature. This feature automatically sends a customizable text message to callers you missed, so patients do not feel left in the dark.

Read the full article for the rest of the analysis, and SoftwarePundit’s in-depth Weave review on how dentists use the Weave phone system to improve patient engagement.