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Dr. Jacqueline Fulop Goodling, a.k.a., Dr.Jacquie Smiles, a leader in orthodontics and the National Invisalign Spokesperson joined Groupon CEO Rich Williams at Times Square on December 4th to ring the opening bell.

“I was extremely honored to be a part of this monumental moment and to be part of the resilient New York family of professionals who I shared the stage with.” Dr. Jacquie says.

Dr. Jacquie, an Orthodontist with several offices in New York, recently changed her vision to world-wide when she cracked the code on teeth whitening by creating a proprietary formula that eliminates the sensitivity so many people suffer from when whitening their teeth professionally.

“The two things I have heard repeatedly from patients in all the years of creating signature smiles is ‘whitening doesn’t work or my teeth are so sensitive that I can’t go through with it.’ ” She said.

Two years in the making and many trips to the lab in perfecting it, Dr. Smiles White will launch 2018 with an “ALL Gain No Pain” campaign to include a VIP student program for that confident, courageous, contagious smile. More importantly, with advice on gaining the courage to do ANYTHING from nailing that interview or going up to your crush!

In addition to making people smile wider, whiter and brighter, it’s really about what is going on inside. A courageous, contagious confident smile truly comes from within. This and always paying it forward by giving, is what Dr. Smiles is all about. The Dr. Smiles Foundation, formed by Dr. Jacquie and her husband Anthony, focuses on changing the world one smile at a time. Aside from giving of themselves and dental services for those in need, anti-bullying efforts and a Miles for Smiles run are included in 2018 initiatives.

“Dr. Smiles is more than just teeth whitening. Our membership programs help inspire, empower and coach people to achieve confidence and goals in personalized and powerful ways online,” said Mindy DiCrosta, CEO of Creative Connections Network and part of the Dr. Smiles team in developing the brand.

“Dr. Jacquie and her staff have expertise that is second to none and a warmth with their patients that simply doesn’t exist in so many practices today,” DiCrosta said. What she does for people personally and professionally is nothing short of amazing!

Many people don’t realize that maintaining good dental health is associated with so many things in addition to bad breath, known as halitosis, red or bleeding gums and loose teeth including:

1. Heart disease: Gum disease may increase the risk of heart disease. Gum disease also is believed to worsen existing heart disease.
2. Stroke: Gum disease may increase the risk of the type of stroke caused by blocked arteries.
3. Diabetes: People with diabetes and periodontal disease may be more likely to have trouble controlling their blood sugar, than diabetics with healthy gums.
4. Premature births: A woman who has gum diseases during pregnancy may be more likely deliver her baby too early and the infant may be more likely to be of low birth weight.

Actually, one in four people have bad breath and some studies have reported that approximately 50 percent of the adult population has it. In fact, it is estimated that nearly 60 million people are aware that they suffer from chronic halitosis in the United States.

About Dr. Jacquie- Dr. Smiles and IDDS LLC

Dr. Jacquie completed her DMD degree and orthodontic residency at Boston University and after graduation became the first female and youngest Director of B.U.’s Predoctoral Orthodontic Department. Dr. Jacquie has taught over 14,000 doctors, students and their teams in orthodontics throughout the world. She has lectured in North and South America, Europe, Asia, The Caribbean and the Middle East. As an Invisalign professor, Dr. Jacquie teaches and certifies students and orthodontic residents in dental schools and universities in the U.S. and Canada. Dr. Jacquie has a heart for charity and makes giving back a priority of all her business endeavors.

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Keeping up with Dr. Jacquie Smiles

The Dr. Smiles membership platform includes apps, social and motivational features, advice and personalized coaching that are connected to increasing confidence and empowering young people. With a global community of engagement and support, this helps people be accountable, adhere to changes and reaching their personal goals.

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