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How to: Keep that Smile White!

Once you have gone through the process of using Dr. Smiles to brighten your grin, it is important to maintain your teeth and keep that sparkling smile lasting for months. Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 9.38.05 AM.pngThe first thing most of us think about when we wake up is coffee! I know that I personally cannot function properly unless I have had my daily cup of joe. Although the outcomes of coffee may seem beneficial, It can reek havoc on your teeth. A quick tip is to drink beverages that can yellow teeth out of a straw. The straw provides a redirecting of the beverage so that it does not come into direct contact with your teeth. This is a simple tip to drinking the things that you love without the harm it can cause.

One of my favorite tips is to use a red lipstick to make your teeth appear whiter! There are certain ways that you can tweak your beauty routine to best suit your smile. If you are a red lipstick lover, like myself, you should consider using a red that has a blue undertone. The blue undertone in the formula will contrast with the yellow/white colors of your teeth and make them appear whiter and brighter! My favorite lipstick for this purpose is MAC Cosmetics Ruby Woo Lipstick. This one is perfect for achieving that classic look. Stars like Taylor Swift, often use this trick to contrast with their teeth. If red lipstick isn’t your style then their are other options to still enjoy this beauty hack. You can look for lipsticks with a purple undertone such as berries and deep cherry colors. This will provide the same effect as a red lipstick with a blue undertone.

If you prefer a glossy lip then you are certainly not excluded! IT Cosmetics has a beautiful lipgloss that has very finely milled specks of blue glitter to contrast with the yellowing of teeth. This product is called the News Anchor Blue Vitality Lip Flush and it can be found at Ulta Beauty Supply. The name of the product is perfect because news anchors do use this hack when they are on camera in front of thousands of people.

Although these tricks can help you to maintain that smile that you have worked hard for, there is no better remedy than to follow a oral hygiene routine. Make sure that you are brushing and rinsing your mouth after consuming staining beverages. Contact Dr. Smiles if you are still searching for the perfect route to the smile you have dreamed about. These tips will not immediately solve all of your problems but in combination with Dr. Smiles’ products, you will no longer have to compromise for a bright smile!