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Smiling Over: Summer in the Sand III

A summer in the Hamptons is one that is full of possibilities and endless fun. Our “Summer in the Sands” series highlights the many things that make this place so special. We have talked about the overall history of the Hamptons and how it came to be, as well as the boating and fishing scene. If you are interested in learning more about either, go to our blog page and take a look at volumes one and two of the series. It is now time to discuss the greatest beach spots in the Hamptons and all that the gorgeous coasts have to offer.

The Hampton beaches are truly a beautiful sight, from their white sand to the crashing waves that tower 3-4 feet overhead. These waves draw surfers from all over to the shores of the Hamptons. If surfing is something that you love to do, you have chosen the right place for your summer getaway! Any of the beaches in Montauk will satisfy your craving to surf especially Ditch Plains Beach, which draws surf junkies from all over. This beach is located at the furthest end of Montauk. It has an almost desert island type-of-feel and makes you think you are much farther away from home than you think. Even if surfing is not your cup of tea, it is still entertaining to watch experienced surfers catch some waves!

dr smiles hamptonsThe most popular beach in the Hamptons is called Main Beach and for a reason. It is the most upbeat and exciting beach because it is located right near the downtown area, where you can take a break from the sand and grab a bite to eat. It is here where the old-town feel really takes over with small mom and pop shops or seafood spots that serve up the best of the Hamptons waters.

If you are like me and enjoy the recreational aspect of a day at the beach then check out Coopers Beach in South Hampton. This beach is in the middle of the Hamptons and can be reached easily from any place that you might be staying along the coast. It has been ranked one of the country’s top beaches due to its breathtaking views and fun filled atmosphere. There are volleyball courts, snack stands, beach rentals and a lot of space for any games that you might bring to the beach. Coopers Beach is easily accessible and always has parking available.

A day trip to one of these three locations will maximize your experience in the Hamptons. You will be sure to enjoy your time wherever your travels take you. If you do decide to visit any of these amazing beaches let us know!

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Smiling over and out,

-Maria B